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Open XML Framework presentation on the user group meeting

On Tuesday, May 18, I’ll present Open XML Framework project to the VfL-NiederRhein user group. It will be my first experience of speaking on public here in Germany. The meeting will be informal, it will take its place in Diebels Sports Bar Düsseldorf, and I hope for a friendly audience. Here is the abstract of my speech:

Office Open XML Formats are standardized by Ecma International and provide specifications of Microsoft Office 2007 file formats along with the general infrastructure for storing data as a set of XML documents compressed into one ZIP-package. WinFX brings a new Packaging API (System.IO.Packaging) to support this infrastructure.

The Packaging API allows the developer to open, create, manipulate and save Microsoft Office 2007 file formats and any other Open XML -based file formats. As a drawback it makes the developer to care about such low-level things like package parts, package relationships, IO streams, and XML.

This project is aimed to provide a framework for easy development of Open XML file formats. As an example of using the Framework the project delivers a class library that is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 file formats. In other words this library could be used as an Office documents reader/writer.


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