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Windows CardSpace Killer

Finally, I have found the CardSpace killer that has been making me crazy for about a month!


When I launch the Windows CardSpace Control Panel Applet it flashes shortly and then disappears forever. Next tries causes this error message to appear: "The Windows CardSpace control panel applet failed to start. An error occurred accessing the Windows CardSpace. Please check the event log for more details". I experienced the same problem on two different machines with XP and Vista (Beta 2 and RC1) on each.

Event log says just that "The Windows CardSpace service is too busy to process this request. User has too many outstanding requests", and provides a stack trace:

Additional Information:
at System.Environment.GetStackTrace(Exception e, Boolean needFileInfo)
at System.Environment.get_StackTrace()
at Microsoft.InfoCards.Diagnostics.InfoCardTrace.BuildMessage(InfoCardBaseException ie)
at Microsoft.InfoCards.Diagnostics.InfoCardTrace.TraceAndLogException(Exception e)
at Microsoft.InfoCards.Diagnostics.InfoCardTrace.ThrowHelperError(Exception e)
at Microsoft.InfoCards.UIAgentMonitor.AddNewClient(UIAgentMonitorHandle handle)
at Microsoft.InfoCards.UIAgentMonitorHandle.CreateAgent(Int32 callerPid, WindowsIdentity callerIdentity, Int32 tsSessionId)
at Microsoft.InfoCards.RequestFactory.CreateClientRequestInstance(UIAgentMonitorHandle monitorHandle, String reqName, IntPtr rpcHandle, Stream inStream, Stream outStream)
at Microsoft.InfoCards.RequestFactory.ProcessNewRequest(Int32 parentRequestHandle, IntPtr rpcHandle, IntPtr inArgs, IntPtr& outArgs)


Reinstalling the framework and Visual Studio did not help as well as searching the internet for these error descriptions.

After installing fresh Windows Vista RC1 I checked the CardSpace – it worked perfectly! After installing on top of it Office 2007 Beta 2 TR, VS 2005, SQL 2005 Express, and some other small software I got already known errors! I reinstall Vista RC1 once again – CardSpace works! Installing new software, checking CardSpace and making incremental hard drive images, I found the CardSpace killer! I was not any of Microsoft beta or RTM software, not a community developer tool, it actually had nothing common even with .NET! It was small, xcopy deployable, old-fashioned Win32 instant messenger – Miranda IM, which I use to access the ICQ IM network.

After some investigation I found out that Miranda crashes CardSpace service even without any of the networks plugins! I have no idea where this incompatibility came from, but after exiting Miranda and restarting Windows CardSpace service CardSpace works perfectly again.

<added date="13.11.2006">
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