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ADC2006 – CardSpace Sample

Yesterday on Advanced Developers Conference in Frankenthal, Germany we did a talk with Michael about Identity Metasystem and CardSpace. Michael did a great introduction to the Identity Metasystem, clarified what it is and how do people already use it in their everyday life without even thinking of that term. After that I showed a one-hour-long demo covering Windows CardSpace, information card and security token issuing processes.

Here is a sample that I built. It is based on Garrett Serack‘s STS sample, so you can refer to the original deployment instructions. In the solution you will find a web application CardService, that issues managed information cards to users and verifies SAML security tokens. Card issuing is based on the small newtelligence.CardSpace library, which creates managed information cards with only one line of code from the application configuration and allows easily save the card to a writer, a stream or a file. The Security Token Service was redesigned to hide all the XML manipulations away from the developer. I wish I had some common framework classes to work with RequestSecurityToken messages.

Try the sample and leave your comment!


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19.10.2006 at 16:58

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