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SDK for CardSpace

Want to CardSpace-enable your application, but not sure where to start from? Not familiar with WS-* standards? Cryptography sounds cryptic? CardSpace is a great technology, but it has a very high entry threshold.

From my own experience with CardSpace I always had to write a lot of common CardSpace-related code that could be easily reused. I always thought that I need a framework for this and that. That’s why I’m extremely excited to “pre-announce” our new project – “newtelligence SDK for Windows CardSpace”. The project should be soon officially announced on the newtelligence website. When it is ready it will be available (with complete source code!) on the newtelligence security center.

SDK will contain API for different aspects of CardSpace programming, like issuing information cards, issuing security tokens, authentication for web and for windows applications. The API and a reference application should significantly help developers to use CardSpace in their applications. During the next weeks I’m going to post some code samples showing the usage of the API.

Stay tuned and join the discussion if you are interested 🙂


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26.03.2007 at 00:22

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