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The Blog: Reloaded

My blog was dead for a while because I didn’t write for some reasons. First, I’ve changed my job and it has made me change the focus of my interests in technology (not so radically, I hope). Second, my blog was hosted by my former employer, who was undergoing a kind of IT reorganization. As a result at the time of writing the blog renders the famous ASP.NET Yellow Screen of Death 🙂

My current job is building healthcare line of business software products in a team of 30+ people for one particular midsize ISV in Germany. As a result I’m going to write in this new blog about all the aspects of my work: technologies, software, people, etc.

The good news is that now I have finally decided for a blog hosting solution, which is the Windows Live platform (Spaces + Admin Center + SkyDrive). I’ve imported almost all of my old blog posts here and now evaluate the new platform. At first glance it looks not that bad as I thought, I even figured out how to hide all those "social" features of Live Spaces 🙂 What I still lack for, is a real integration of Custom Domains (renamed to Admin Center now) and Spaces. I mean not a simple redirection but a true URL rewriting.

So, let’s blog again!


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19.11.2007 at 01:11

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