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Identity Framework

Though I’ve left newtelligence along with its CardSpace SDK project, I still keep an eye on the latest identity technology.

Vittorio Bertocci did a demo on developing a Security Token Service with the new ADFS "2" Identity Framework at TechEd in Barcelona. I’ve not attended Vittorio’s demo, although I was on TechEd (there are so many great talks and discussions at the same time, but it is another topic). Fortunately, Vittorio has posted the first part of the demo on his blog.

I built an STS myself with pure WCF some time ago when I was playing with CardSpace, so I was really impressed by the new framework. Although I see some ways of improvement, nonetheless the Identity Framework is a huge leap toward the implementation of user-centric digital identity.

Are you building yet another social network or just a web 2.0 application, and want your users to register? Consider leveraging the benefits of information cards and the Identity Framework, make the life a bit easier for your users!


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20.11.2007 at 00:40

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