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Hardcore Programming is…

…when you have to dig deep into the unmanaged Win32 API reference to figure out how to manage it.

Last time I did it back at newtelligence, working on ACL tools for the "Indigo Security" project.

This time I was creating special-purpose X509v3 certificates with makecert.exe. The tool supports specifying raw OIDs for the "Enhanced Key Usage" extension (-eku switch). For the "Key Usage" extension(-sky switch) you can only specify one of the standard values:

0 – digitalSignature
1 – nonRepudiation
2 – keyEncipherment
3 – dataEncipherment
4 – keyAgreement
5 – keyCertSign
6 – cRLSign
7 – encipherOnly
8 – decipherOnly

The most remarkable error message was:

Error: Can’t create the key of the subject (‘JoeSoft‘)

Looks like ‘JoeSoft’ is the default name for the key store. What an Easter egg! 😉


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30.07.2008 at 11:30

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