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Messaging Talk @DNUG Cologne

Yesterday I gave a talk on asynchronous messaging at .NET User Group Cologne. It was a lot of fun for me to speak about one of my favorite topics, and I would like to thank Albert Weinert for this opportunity. The audience was great, we got an interesting discussion afterwards. Unfortunately, I could not manage to attend the “after-party” and continue the discussion 😉 I know the topic is very hot now, so feel free to ask your questions and give me your feedback in comments.

Here are the slides:

And a couple of references:

Demoed StockTrader news module with messages (see revision 12)

Original composite WPF guidance aka “Prism”, StockTrader RI

Some OSS messaging frameworks

Fallacies of distributed computing

Four tenets of service orientation

Enterprise integration patterns


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08.04.2009 at 10:07

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