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Architecture.NET Open Space

The last weekend I participated in my first open space (anti)conference – Architecture.NET Open Space in Düsseldorf. And I must say: It was my best conference experience ever!

There are some results in the conf’s wiki in German. Here I just want to write down some of my observations.

A couple of things came up in almost every session:

  • Clean code and agile design principles. Software architecture consists of decisions that are hard to change. Agile software architecture aims to make changeable as many decisions as possible. So clean code and agile design principles is the absolute minimum that we don’t want to trade off. This statement is not a dogma – it’s the cornerstone that makes other decisions changeable, it makes agile software architecture possible.
  • Asynchronous communication and messaging. This is a very hot topic now. Messaging is what enables the Open/Closed Principle on the architectural level. And O/CP is what enables architecture to evolve and does not let it rot.

Discussions were sometimes heated and controversial, but always very inspiring and thought-provoking. I already count days till Archnet Open Space next year.

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08.06.2009 at 01:12

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