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Orthogonal Architecture @NRWCONF’09

I want to thank everybody who came yesterday to my talk on orthogonal architecture at NRWCONF’09 in Wuppertal. I got useful feedback from several people yesterday and will try to improve this talk in the future.

This 1 hour talk just scratched the surface of agile architecture. Almost every second or so slide in the deck deserves a separate talk. I tried keep the talk concrete though by using code samples depicting the discussed architectural patterns.

For those who wonders what SOLID has to do with orthogonal architecture, look at the slide 10 which says:

Open/Closed Principle

  • Open for extension, but closed for modification
  • Orthogonal architecture = OCP on the architectural level

It turns out that I had to stress this point better in the talk.

You can view the slides here, but you need to be a registered attendee to download them from the conference website.


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29.08.2009 at 14:18

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NHibernate Profiler Demo @DNUGK

Yesterday I did a small demo of NHibernate Profiler at DNUGK in Cologne. Here is the sample code and some links:

Thanks again everybody who came yesterday to the UG meeting.

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19.08.2009 at 11:51

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