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I have already written about a change I was part of last year. Being a coach after two years of product development made me realize what my true passion in software development is. It’s continuous improvement – Kaizen. While being in a product development team you have to measure your pace with the team’s pace and not to run too far ahead for too long – the team should be able to keep up. And you are bound to the technologies of a particular application type – no WPF for a web-service app etc. 😦

After long thoughts I finally decided to go in consulting. WPF wasn’t the main reason, of course 😉 I just plan to meet different projects and different teams. This is what should bring me my Kaizen pace, at least in my beliefs. So, since April I’m part of Managing Technology team, looking forward to new projects and new experiences.

And I’m on twitter now 🙂


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04.04.2010 at 23:16

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