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.NET Open Space Süd in Karlsruhe

Envy me, I spent last weekend in Karlsruhe with some of Germany’s smartest and most passionate .NET developers. Big thanks for that to organizers of the .NET Open Space Süd and all the participants. I feel inspired and am full of ideas again.

The anti-conference started for me with a great functional programming session with @sforkmann introducing Monads. The topic was so great that immediately after the session many attendees started implementing the Maybe monad in C#. And monads accompanied us all the weekend in all sort of jokes 🙂

Functional programming continued with a session on Reactive Extensions, where I introduced the framework as a new way of doing .NET events and async programming. After that @sforkmann supported the topic with JavaScript samples and an introduction of IQbservable followed by a great discussion.

Two sessions were focused on software specifications, BDD, and ATDD. I was representing ATDD and FitNesse camp, however to be more effective I should bring more hands-on examples to break through code-centric developer heads 🙂 Anyways, the “BDD Shootout” session was really inspiring and code-intense. Not a big surprise with people like @agross (MSpec), @sforkmann (NaturalSpec), and @BjoernRochel (XUnit.BDDExtensions).Although the guys were skeptical about a comparison session at first, the session was a real success: win-win-win for all three frameworks 😉

NOS Süd finished with a Coding Dojo facilitated by @ilkerde. After that dojo (my 3rd only) I still have some mixed feelings. I was looking for learning any new design/coding practices but the only major thing I learned was the importance and complexity of selecting members for a development team. After a while it’s not fun anymore to argue about whether we do TDD or BDUF… Still it was very good experience for me, and I think for others who took part. Thank you Ilker!

If Open Space is so great because of the “coffee break”-like experience, imagine the coffee breaks at Open Space! Of course the biggest part of NOS Süd (at least for me) were it’s parties and breaks when I chatted with many bright and passionate folks and it was the most inspiring and enjoyable experience of the weekend!


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23.06.2010 at 22:59

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DotNet Cologne 2010: WCF4 Live Coding with GitHub

Another great .NET community event has taken place on last Friday – DotNet Cologne 2010. Big thanks to all the attendees, speakers, sponsors and organizers for making it happen. The event was a huge success. And I even got a chance to speak there about improvements and novelties of Windows Communication Foundation 4.0.

To make it more fun and educating at the same time I decided to do an experiment: use Git–a distributed version control system–in combination with live coding. I took quite a fast coding pace aimed for experienced WCF developers, showing them what’s really new about WCF4. But to make the code samples more accessible for the beginners and to make my coding “traceable” I committed each exercise to a local Git repository right during my presentation and pushed them all in the cloud to GitHub.

A local Git repository makes it really easy to save your coding progress, while code hosting platform in the cloud like GitHub allows you to share and collaborate on your code with others. So now anybody can review the commits history of my live WCF4 demo and easily grasp for example what it takes to call a dynamically discovered service via a generic channel factory.

I liked the experiment myself and also got some positive feedback from the audience regarding the usage of Git. On the downside I ran out of time and had to leave a couple of interesting demos aside, though not because of Git but poor time planning. Lessons learned, promise to improve next time 😉 Join me on GitHub. Your feedback is always welcome!

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01.06.2010 at 22:25

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