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Upcoming Events

Quite busy time is approaching me and I really look forward to it. Here are some of the upcoming community activities from my agenda:

31.08.2011—.NET Coding Dojo at DNUGRR

As a good tradition every other month .NET User Group Rhine/Ruhr organizes a coding dojo in Ratingen. This time we get more interactive and learn TDD as if you meant it altogether in pairs. If you are around and want to join us, you’re welcome!

1–3.09.2011—Software Craftsmanship and Testing

New European software craftsmanship community is emerging and I’m very glad to participate in this two day-long intense community fusion:

This event is about the sustainable creation of useful software in a responsible way.

It consists of two days of highly collaborative interactions, including Lightning Talks (on Thursday evening), scheduled sessions (on Friday), and a self-organized Open Space (on Saturday).

The event will be much like a retreat. We will be there for 48 hours to collaborate and share ideas.

I will present practical experience with Specification by Example, I gathered working with an agile team back in 2010. Gojko Adzic has written THE book about Specification by Example, which I highly recommend. Want to discuss this topic? Register for SoCraTes 2011!

9.9.2011—NRWConf in Wuppertal

It is a great honor for me to be part of this year’s line up of speakers at NRWConf. My session on REST is focused on why is true REST so much different than WS-* and CRUD POX services. Want to avoid common mistakes and leverage the web platform, join me in Wuppertal.

16.09.2011—Professional .NET in Wien

Austrian .NET community hijacked Greg Young for a day to speak about all things CQRS. I just can’t miss such an opportunity to see hilarious Greg speaking, neither should you! As part of the event I will be speaking about NOSQL and why it is becoming even more attractive for separated read and write data models.

2-3.11.2011—prio.conference 2011 in Nuremberg

This year’s prio.conference is focused on cross-platform development and I think that the web platform is currently the closest realization of that vision. That’s why I was so excited, that my talk proposal about “getting REST done right” was accepted. In contrast to my NRWConf REST talk, this one is focused more on concrete examples of how to get things done following the REST way, rather than pointing at failures and pitfalls.

So, next months are going to be tough, but I look forward to meet bunch of interesting people and be inspired and energized by the community!


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